Dee's Beaded Flowers
Patterns for Sale
Over the years I have created new flower patterns and modified some from the patterns of others.    
Some of my flower patterns are shown below.  
The Lantern Flower consists of 9 lanterns
in 2 different sizes and 9 leaves in 3 sizes.
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Because Clematis is a vine, it will look best
with at least 2 flowers and 3 or 4 sets of
leaves.  The pattern describes 2 shaded
flowers and 6 leaves.
Inspired by  the Colorado state flower, this
pattern for a
Colorado Columbine is a bit
larger than life.  Finished size is about 3
inches in diameter and includes 2 sets of 3
Adapted from a lily pattern, this Stargazer Lily
pattern produces a showy flower about 6
inches in diameter with several leaves on its