Dee's Beaded Flowers
One of the things I have enjoyed most is making these butterfly mobiles.  I became fascinated with the mobile as a construction
and wanted to create the beautiful balance they represent.  Pictured below are some of the individual butterflies that are used
in the mobiles and my not so great attempts to photograph the mobiles in place.  These mobiles can be custom ordered.  If you
are interested in purchasing one, you can choose the color scheme for your individual creation.  To discuss a custom order,
you may email or call me on the phone by going to the
"Contact & Payment" page for my contact information.
8 Butterfly
Turquoise, Green, Gold
Enlargement-Large Butterfly
Enlargement-Medium Butterfly
Enlargement-Small Butterfly
6 Butterfly
Rainbow Colors
Enlargement - Red Butterfly
Enlargement - Orange and Green Butterflies, Dragonfly
8 Butterfly
Shades of Blue
Enlargement-Large Butterfly
Enlargement-Medium Butterfly