Dee's Beaded Flowers
About Dee and French Beaded Flowers
About Dee
About 18 years ago I started making beaded flowers as an evening hobby just for
relaxation.  I love flowers but I'm a terrible gardener!  I found that this activity gave me so
much pleasure that I wanted to share my flowers, first giving them away then selling them
occasionally.  I started this website to share my "treasures" and offer others the same
pleasure I've had with beaded flowers in my home.
Beaded flowers have a long history.   The art of making French beaded flowers originated in the 16th century.  Peasants in France and Italy
engaged by the nobility to embroider clothing with glass beads saved the imperfect or unusable beads which they used to create flowers for bridal
bouquets or on church alters.  Flower beading was popular during the 17th and 18th centuries in France, Italy and England.   In Victorian times,
designs for beaded flowers were found in ladies' magazines.  Intricate bouquets and decorator pieces were popular.  After a decline in popularity,
a revival in beaded flower making was initiated  in the 1970s with the publication of books by such authors as Virginia Nathenson and Ruth
There are several ways to make beaded flowers including the Victorian and French techniques.  The French beaded technique employs beads
strung on thin wire.  The flowers are made by wrapping the beads strung on the wire, around a center row of beads.
What are French Beaded Flowers?